Saturday, 7 August 2010

Ahhh, the good, quiet life.

Blogging from the cottage isn't something I do, so this is the only post I'm likely to make until our holidays are done.  Why?  Well, at 45.2 kbps, uploading pics is exceedingly long to do, and I like to accompany my words with photos.  So nothing doing until after next week.

I will say we are having a lovely time, though.  The cats are enjoying the new scenery, especially the chipmunks, squirrels and birds.  Even the neighbours' dogs are interesting, though not on the feline social calendar.

Iain and I are reading a bit, when not puttering about.  I'm re-reading Dickens' "Hard Times"; picked it up to read while camping, as the other books I brought along are borrowed and I didn't want to risk them in the canoe.  Now that I've started it, I'm finding I am enjoying it, so I'll be finishing it before moving on.  The afternoon sleepies do seem to occur after a chapter or two, though.

Pictures of camping and cottaging will follow, eventually!

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Holly Dean said...

Ahhh, reading and napping and the cottage. That's the life! Soak it up :)