Friday, 16 July 2010

Never bother to argue with a cat

Since The Boarder has become a permanent resident, he and I have had several serious discussions over his laying squatter's rights to the dining room table.  Not that Iain and I eat there a lot; we are fans of watching tv while we eat dinner, usually, which calls for folding tables at the loveseat downstairs.  But I like to have the table looking nice, anyway, JUST IN CASE we have guests.

This is his response to my concerns:
Laid out, totally relaxed, and completely unconcerned.

"I'm sorry, were you speaking to me?"
"Hmmm, Jezebel appears to be stretched out in the hallway.  Wonder if I can get a rise out of her?"

They are getting along fairly well, though.  No injuries in their spats, just some tufts of hair (Jez's, mostly, and she has lots to spare).  Don't feel sorry for Jezebel, she instigates it, mostly.

In case you were wondering about Stitches, she mostly is staying out of the line of fire.  She and Phantom used to have epic battles (mostly consisting of her yowling as though he were killing her while he stood and stared at her, probably totally confused), but so far she and Onyx are ignoring each other.  If he gets too close, she'll hiss, but that's it.
Stitches relaxing in the cool of the rec room.

This weekend:  camping a la trailer.   A bunch of us, wedged into a trailer.  And it will be hot.  I'm hoping to have a lot of fun!


Brent Buckner said...

The Boarder may never have seen a table with *so much empty surface area* before!

Glad the critters aren't at major odds.

Best (camping) weekend wishes....

Jenny Davidson said...

A Boarder in his natural habitat!

(Brent's comment made me laugh.)

Have a great weekend!

Andrea said...

But the white table is the perfect place to show off his "blackness", n'est ca pas?

Glad everyone is happy and healthy!

Andrea said...

But the white table is the perfect place to show off his "blackness", n'est ca pas?

Glad everyone is happy and healthy!

moore.elizabeth said...

Great to see Onyx looking so at home....he is definitely a table cat.

Hope to see you soon.

Elizabeth, Emma, Margaret

Lily on the Road said...

So glad to see that Onyx has "taken over". Thanks for keeping us up to date.

larry said...

Great to see Onyx setting in, and staking out (and stretching out in) his territory.

Holly Dean said...

Onyx is definitely part of the "pride". He sure knows how to show himself to his best advantage :)

Fe-lady said...

So glad to get the updates on the Boarder!
Glad the kitties are all finding their own space!