Friday, 4 May 2018

Out and about, East

Victoria Park in Truro is lovely place to get a bit of exercise and see some birds and beautiful plants and trees and water...all the things that a park should have.  The stairs to the treetops are daunting, but after a rest halfway up I did enjoy the view.
Just a pretty flowering vine.

One of the pretty views.
 If you are in Truro, definitely stop at The Shillelagh - not a fancy spot, but VERY TASTY!
I love that the paper placemats are made by "The Placemat Guys"
Another wonderful place to dine out east, this time in Prince Edward Island, is The Blue Mussel CafĂ© in North Rustico.  Go on a nice day and sit outside and enjoy a great meal.
Lots of local brews.

We were so lucky to be there when they were involved in the "Best of Sea" competition.  The chowder was incredible, and made with mussels that came out of the ocean about 4 hours before we ate it.  You can't get much fresher than that!
I was struck by how very house-proud everyone in PEI seems to be.  Almost everywhere we went, properties were very well kept.
One must mention Cows Creamery. Very good ice cream, and very attractive logo.
I don't really do life lists, but if I did, one item would have been to see where L.M. Montgomery lived.  I was not a big "Anne" girl, though I of course read the books.  My girl was "Pat of Silver Bush".

A beautiful landscape.  I wonder how much like this it was when she was there.
We stopped at Cavendish Beach, so Iain and I could dip our toes in the Atlantic.  It was a bit chilly to do anything more than that!

Monday, 17 July 2017


Joggins is a UNESCO site because of the large numbers of fossils found there.  I'm not very scientific, so to me it was mainly a big beach of rocks.

However, I really, really like rocks, so I was very happy to go there!

The views were gorgeous, despite the day being rather cloudy.

We didn't have a guide or any posted information, so my guess is that this orange stain was caused by iron deposits.
 Walking on the rocks wasn't very comfortable.  Not as bad as up in Georgian Bay, but rough.

We found a fossil very easily.  Isn't this cool?
 We had fun picking through the rocks and looking at the view.  Look at this picture below, isn't the rock gorgeous?
So is my sweetie!

Friday, 14 July 2017

East Coast Birding

Dodie, Irene, and I are all birders (to a varying degree), so the guys had to put up with a few hours of walking around Sackville N.B.'s waterfowl park.  It's a really nice place for a walk.

Deb with all her friends!

The boardwalk runs right around and through the park, so you're able to get close to the birds.  We saw a lot of birds, but I was most impressed with the Pied Grebe, which I had never seen before.

They are classified as a duck, I believe, but they are ... different looking.

It was much easier to get a good look at it with binoculars!

The view was pretty, despite the cloudy day.

The view is lovely throughout.

We also spotted a Gadwall, a number of Warblers, and a Redstart.  Also a rather shy Muskrat.  I think if I lived in Sackville, I would be here all the time.

This gives you an idea of the size of the place.  When you leave the boardwalk, there is a trail on land that goes all the way back to the park entrance.

Iain was pleased to see his favourite, the Red Winged Blackbird.

Red shoulders rule!
We saw a lot of birds that I didn't catch on camera.  I watched one Black Duck for about five minutes as it poked among the reeds like it was going to build a nest, and then changed its mind.  I tried to photograph it, but all you can see is a lot of reeds - the duck is just too well camouflaged!

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Nova Scotia

So, something we did last year - we went out east!  My first time ever, and hopefully not my last.

We went with the usual crew, Dodie, Myles, Carl, and Irene.  Travelling with this bunch is always easy and fun.  The guys shared the driving, while we ladies did our best with the navigation (not always completely successfully, but what's a tour without a few unintentional side-trips?).

Kind of unnverving, but just a truck being towed ahead of us.
We made an overnight stop in Edmundston on our way, as doing the whole trip in one day was just too taxing. The Quality Inn has a decent room price and a nice little pub/restaurant, with at least one amazing waitress.  Because it was our anniversary, Iain and I got the non-shared room.

 One thing about our group:  we are all likely to get up early and get going, so we have time for intentional side-trips as well.  We stopped in Nackawic to see the World's Largest Axe!

I made Dodie pose for this picture of her trying to grab the world's largest axe!  It didn't come off just right, though.
No stop is complete without a snack - Robin's Donuts provided yummy nourishment.

We finally arrived at the cottage in Bass River, N.S.  The cottage belongs to a family from Renfrew, friends of Dodie, who were kind enough to rent it to us for a week.  It's a lovely spot on the northeast shore of Cobequid Bay, which is inland from the Minas Basin.
The tide is out, which means there is lots of mud!
Here is a nice shot of the cottage.  The deck is perfect for martinis and relaxing!

The cottage is a family retreat, and you can see that some serious rock collecting has gone on over the years.

We actually did have very nice indoor plumbing, so this is just for fun.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Missing Onyx

It's hard to lose our friends.  We didn't have Onyx all that long, in people years; he came to live with us in 2010, when our friend Wendy passed suddenly.  He has been a joy to have here.  The house is empty without him, even though three cats still prowl the place; his personality filled any room he was in.  This picture really captures him in a typical stance, watching for something to happen that he could be involved in.

He was in his twelfth year, but one couldn't think of him as a senior cat - he was simply too lively and playful.  I guess it's not a bad age, but we certainly didn't expect to lose him yet.  So long, dear friend.  Thanks for all the snuggles.

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Re: previous post

Yeah, hi there.  I've been m.i.a., and I apologize, but I have at least managed to i.d. the little bird in our backyard:  it's a House Wren! I had been relying on the Merlin app to give a good example of its song, which it doesn't, but online searching helped me find it.

The House Wren is aggressively territorial, and it seemed to find the Merlin app very accurate; when I played its song, the bird came swooping around looking for the intruder.  So, mystery solved.

Friday, 27 May 2016

Back in the Saddle Again

Figuratively, of course – I like horses (most girls do), but I don’t really want to sit on top of one and gallop about.

I’m picking up my blog again.  Someone mentioned yesterday that I hadn’t written anything for a while, and I guess it’s time.  I’ve been in the doldrums since Mom passed away.   Yesterday, we put her body next to Dad’s, and said our last goodbyes on this earth.  So it’s time.

This weekend we noticed that we once again have a backyard visitor that we cannot identify. 
IMGP0013 (2)
Name That Bird!
The song is exactly like that of an Orange-Crowned Warbler, but the colours don’t look right – I’m hoping someone with birding knowledge will ID it for me.