Sunday, 14 August 2011


Back from vacation, and it's time to update on the cottage:

One of the last things to be done before the landscapers came to change the look of our property forever (if it sounds ominious, well, that's how it felt) was to move the hydrangea bush and a couple more trees, and to save the astilbes from the little garden.

Pine and one of the Astilbes.

The tamarack looks pretty good.

Moving the hydrangea was by far the biggest problem, as it is a bit large and is currently blooming, which I understand is about the worst time to move them. However, we hadn't a choice.

We provided a bit of protection from the sun for a few days.

This was two weeks ago, and though it looks quite a bit more wilted (and in some spots plain dead), I think it'll survive.  Not sure about the pine.... but we tried.

We just about wore ourselves out with holidaying, actually.  Mostly work, this year.  We did accomplish quite a bit though; more pics to come.

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