Sunday, 3 February 2013

An update from cat central…

Living with four cats could be a lot worse.  They are mostly laid-back and don’t drive us nuts (except first thing in the morning, and when I’m making lunches, and when dinner is cooking, and when they want supper).
So cute, curled up in her chair.  Actually, it's MY computer chair, but she only shares it when I insist.
Stitches has turned into a funny little thing.  Her favourite game for the last few months has been “chase the shadows on the floor”.  I’ll be sitting on the couch and will reach for a pen or something, and she’ll start skittering across the floor, trying to grab the shadow of my hand or whatever I’m holding.
The other night we caught her staring intently at the gas fire.  Iain wonders if her sight is going, or perhaps she is just bored.

Moving the cat tree to the basement appears to have rekindled some interest in it; here are Onyx and Snaps having a little slap-fight.
Onyx much prefers the higher-level view.


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your Stitches looks VERY much like our Nibbles!