Sunday, 21 April 2013

Water, Anyone?

Not the nicest weather at the lake, but it was an interesting trip, if only for the sight of the swimming pool Mother Nature has installed in our side yard.
I’ve never seen flooding like this. Iain’s remark when looking at the road that runs between the two lakes was that it seemed to be just one lake, now.
The creek was running very high – the culverts could hardly handle all the water.012
Today was beautiful and bright, and the waters had gone down a few inches, so it seems things will be alright.
On our way home, we saw a Northern Harrier and took a few pictures. This wasn’t our only bird sighting, just the coolest. The Song Sparrows are back at the lake, and seemed to be building a nest; and I saw a gorgeous Great Blue Heron just outside Renfrew.

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