Monday, 16 June 2014

Wildlife, not Wild Life

Our lives are pretty quiet: we get very excited over little creatures showing up at our place.
Our familiar groundhog, Nibbles, has vacated the premises for the summer (too many dogs around, possibly). In her departure she left behind at Dodie’s cottage a group of five little groundhogs. All adorable!
One of the Nibblets
Seeing a young spotted fawn is pretty exciting, too. There were reports of a newborn a few weeks ago, and I think this may be the same one (they do need to grow very quickly to survive).

We were awoken from sleep on Saturday night by a coyote howling nearby (probably just across the bay). It was answered by howls from far off. We can't help but worry about this little guy, but that's Nature.
Deer must be the source of the saying "high-tailing it".
There is a family of flying squirrels (a mom and two little ones) nesting in our shed. They are quite camera shy, unfortunately.

The area is also overrun by at least 4 chipmunks and 2 squirrels - all of whom are tame enough to not bother getting out from under foot when you walk by - and one very handsome rabbit, who sat and regarded us quite calmly, yesterday, before slowly hopping away. Carl remarked that the place is like being in a Disney movie.

I was surprised last Monday morning to see a groundhog looking for a home, outside our basement window. Snaps was surprised too!

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