Sunday, 20 February 2011

Free TV

Pursuant to the next-to-last post:  the only thing we were missing, after putting the satellite feed on hiatus, was live sports.  Iain and I enjoy hockey, in particular, and were missing our Hockey Night In Canada fix.

I did some research on antennas, because I had heard something - somewhere - about over-the-air broadcasts.  When we started with Bell Expressvu, we purchased our PVR, and it has an input for OTA.  Some posts I read cast doubt on whether we could use it that way, but we decided to invest $30 (on sale) for a set of rabbit ears with a gain boost.  Iain actually understands this stuff; I just sort of wing it.  At any rate, he was willing to spend that much to give it a try.  It turned out to be money well spent.  Have a look at the picture above.  This is a shot of our television screen, when Five For Fighting was performing.  Not bad for rabbit ears, huh??!  This is the broadcast out of Ottawa; if we lived in Ottawa, we could pick up a lot more HD channels.  The only other one available here right now is SUN tv.  They show some we might turn it on occasionally.

My next mission is to write a letter to the CRTC, complaining about the CBC plan to shut down their repeater tower at Foymount.  I want digital OTA at the cottage, too!  And am not prepared to invest in a dish for a place where it will get so little use:  I want my free tv.  The thing about it is, I am already paying taxes to support the CBC, aren't I?  So I have, at least, the right to complain...right?

By the way, our opinion (I am speaking for Iain here, too), is that Five For Fighting is the best band name ever.

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