Thursday, 30 August 2012

Weekend Update

Thank goodness for birds planting seeds; otherwise I might have no flowers at all!  This sweet little Sunflower started growing in the lawn (hahaha lawn, that's funny - looks more like a lot of sand with a few tufts of green thrown in here and there for amusement).

A little crooked, but pretty!
Iain took this nice closeup.  I love the dewdrops!
Airmiles came through with our outdoor speakers, and after a bit of trouble locating the speaker wires (don't ask) Iain and Kyle hung them up and we tried them out.  Verdict:  these Yamaha speakers rock!
Just under the eave on the left and to the right of the door you'll see our speakers.
Kyle was up for the weekend, and enjoyed himself.  We had a big 'ol steak barbecue on Saturday night.
Kyle seems particularly ready to eat!
 Mom had an impossibly huge steak, but she ate over half of it!
Let me at it!

On Sunday we did a bit of decking.
Mom just about to reach for her water cup, I think.
Iain thinks he looks tired in this picture.  I think he looks great!
I had to get a picture of Kyle in his cool hat. 

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