Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Wood Work

I didn't blog about the long weekend, though it was a lot of fun; my birthday, and my mom's birthday (for which we had a nice party) made for a good time. No pictures: I was feeling very lazy and I don't think I took any! I'll have to get some copies from the others who were there snapping Mom's picture.

Last weekend Iain decided to have a go at the old cottage, as we are tearing down one bedroom wall to make the space more useful.

He removed the door and trim with little trouble.
It was touching for me to see wood exposed that hadn't seen daylight since my grandfather nailed it into place 70 years ago.
Removing the wall is a bit trickier: the nails are hidden by the ceiling, and he'd rather avoid tearing that down.
Although our original thought was to remove the cottage ceiling, we changed our minds because of the heat that is kept at bay by the insulation there.

As it turned out, the blade on the saws-all is not long enough to reach the nails, from above or below, so until a longer one can be purchased we can't go further.

Up in the attic, checking out the wiring (shudder).  It needs....replacing.
I was pleased with how the place is standing up; no leaks visible.  Iain replaced the roofing (with a lot of help from family and friends) about 15 years ago, or perhaps longer.  At that time, he put ice barrier over the entire roof before shingling.  It has worked well.

And no bats.  That doesn't make me really happy, though - the decimation of the little brown bat by the "nose fungus" has me worried that they might go extinct.
Despite the pouring rain on Saturday, we had a lovely sunset!


Jenny Davidson said...

Belated happy birthday, Deb!

Deb said...

Thanks Jenny!