Thursday, 27 September 2012

Happy stuff!

Onyx has decided that our bed is indeed the best place to spend not just all night, but most of the day as well.  I don't think he will ever be a lap-cat, as he rarely jumps up for pets and, when he does, will not lie down at all; but he has become a bed-buddy, usually curling up by Iain's feet.
Biiiiiiig stretch and.....flip onto head!
Black cats seem to gravitate to Iain.  Phantom used to sleep on Iain's ankles.  Onyx sleeps at his feet but on my side of them, so I can feel he's there, too.

The other cats tend to sleep on my side, and it's usually only Stitches who will stay most of the night.  Jez comes and goes, and Snaps - well, when he's on the bed you can't help but know, because of his squeeky purrs.
After about 10 pictures, Onyx was giving me the evil eye.
Although I didn't take pictures at Mom's 95th birthday party, my cousin Carl got this nice one of Mom, Elva and Irene; I had to let you see it!

Golden girls (Irene's a bit young in this group, though).

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Jenny Davidson said...

Onyx's white toe is very happily on display in these pics!