Sunday, 4 November 2012

A quiet weekend at home

Not much to report in our little world.  Iain and I are puttering around the house this weekend - though we took a quick trip to the lake on Saturday, due to forgotten garbage (duh-oh!) which would have left the place pretty smelly if we hadn't gone for it.  We also checked the water line to be sure it was draining back to the well, and we are pretty confident in it now.

We do have some extended family having severe health issues, and our thoughts and prayers are with them constantly, as we hope for healing there.

At our place, though, not much is going on.  Iain raked the last of the leaves - well, the last we are going to bother with - and bagged them, today.  I'm doing this quick blog while he throws together some nachos for dinner.  Today's pic:  the kitties relaxing in front of the fireplace.  You may notice that Snaps doesn't really fit into his cat bed, but he doesn't seem to mind.  It's nice when they all get along, and this seems to be the case lately (unless Onyx is in one of his "moods").
All loving the fireplace.

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