Sunday, 10 March 2013

Birdfeeder action

The addition of a niger feeder has made our backyard more attractive to the birds, almost overnight.  For some reason they weren't interested in the mixed seed we had in the two main feeders, and we thought it was just our backyard they didn't like, but once we added the niger feeder, in they fluttered.

Since Iain isn't working right now, he's got a bit more time to check out what's happening in the yard during the day.  When he saw the reaction the new feeder was getting, he emptied the other feeders and we got black sunflower seed for them.  Now, all of the feeders seem to be popular.
The Goldfinches and Redpolls are our main customers.
We don't have huge flocks - usually not more than 10-15 Redpolls, and fewer Goldfinches.

This feeder was a gift at Christmas time from Craig and Karen.
There are usually a few Juncos around as well, but they feed on the ground.  We're happy to see the birds, and will continue to feed them until the spring, at least.

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