Wednesday, 23 October 2013


The best part of driving in the cottage road is the chance to see deer!
002 (1)
These two didn't hang around very long.

Weather in the valley stayed nice, and we had lots of days to putter around the property.
This is a great place to sit in the morning. The view is nice and the sun warm!
The chipmunk, who has survived all the dogs in the neighbourhood, was delighted that I put out some bird seed (a.k.a. chipmunk feed).
It takes a while to empty the feeder when you can only do it a mouthful at a time.
Iain took this lovely sunset shot. We were just finishing dinner, and I made him run outside to get it.
This calls for a nice day tomorrow!
The marigolds were spectacular (I thought) and drew this pretty moth, among other insects.
005 (1)
It's a Common Sulphur moth.
Iain cut up one of the dead cedars and made two large fence posts. We’re going to put a small gate up, to define the East Beach area in the summer months.
Nice to have help with the work!

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