Monday, 24 March 2014

Still waiting for spring

One more wintry weekend at the cottage.
They may sound like a squeaky hinge, but Blue Jays are beautiful!
This was a lazy weekend: puzzles, books, games, and good food!
The required puzzle being done.
The weather was rather dull, unfortunately. The bright winter sunshine through the windows is always hoped for. Still, the days and nights weren’t terribly cold. No snowmobiling this time: Jo wasn't feeling very well. We took a short walk down the road, and that was pretty much all the exercise we got. We also had a nice visit with the Remus family, up for the weekend. Little Kenadee couldn't be cuter.
The view: cloudy.
We put seed into the feeder and were rewarded by visits from Blue Jays like the one above, plus Chickadees, a Red-Breasted Nuthatch, and several Red Squirrels.

I'm glad Iain built this feeder; it attracts lots of birds and animals.
There is still lots of snow.
A chickadee having a snack.
Of course, the squirrels fought over the feeder, as they always do.
This guy was enjoying the peanuts.
We DID get to try out our new (to us) barbeque (courtesy of Brian, who gave it to us when he moved). Thank you Brian!! First steaks of the year, and they were SO GOOD yummmmmm. I'm looking forward to more barbeques, as it worked perfectly.

Hopefully our next visit will be warmer, and we’ll be able to see the grass a bit!

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