Tuesday, 3 November 2015

So, I guess an explanation is in order.

Here we are, at the beginning of November, and I haven’t written here since July.  Mea culpa.  Also, my computer’s fault, at least partially.

Due to the premature introduction of Windows 10 to my laptop, its hard drive ceased to function, rather suddenly.  It’s only now that I feel confident enough in its inner workings to trust photographs to my laptop again, and consequently am interested in blogging, once more.

Sadly, a whole summer has passed, and you’ve missed out (ha ha ha) on all my comings and goings and truly probably not-very-interesting stuff. But now, I’m BACK, BABY!

Some of my favourite moments from this summer:

Having Craig, Karen, and Kyle visit for a couple of days. It’s so hard to get us all together, and this was so much fun!
So great to have them visit us!
Camping with my buddies. We do eat like royalty.
Everyone patiently waiting for me to take the pic.
Discovering a Cedar Waxwing nest in our backyard. They were hatched and gone by the time we got back from our holidays.  So Cool.

Having Onyx and Jezebel enjoy themselves at the lake.

Finding some Crayfish!
These little guys are hard to spot. They also sort of freak me out, because I imagine they'll pinch me when I'm in the lake, swimming.
Almost (but not, thank God) walking into this spider in the centre of her web, on the way to the upper farm.

Finding a smiley-face in our hydrangea bush.

Day-tripping with my pals to see an old-growth forest.

Enjoying the most incredible sunsets.
The pillar of light is caused by the sun's light shining through a con-trail.
Hanging out with Iain – the best of times!

And that was my summer:  short and sweet, and the weather was beautiful!

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