Sunday, 8 November 2015

Yard Sale-ing and Dump Digging

Lot of yard sales this summer, and this was, I think, my favourite find: a wine-and-glasses rack, that I picked up for $2.  It didn’t look like this when I got it, mind you; the whole things was very rusty and somewhat less attractive. The seller didn’t know what it was; she’d found it in her garage and didn’t know where she’d picked it up. She was under the impression that it was perhaps an umbrella stand.
Pretty, yes?
A coat of rust paint later, and voila! It is an item I don’t really need but it was fun to fix it up anyway. We will probably stock it with sherry and other sipping items, next summer.

We made our last dump run of the year out to Brudenell, to dispose of the last of the recycling and also a few bits of wood and some other garbage that was accumulated this summer. When we walked up to the household garbage area, I found this beautiful lamp sitting perched on top of a box. I think the owner couldn’t find a home for it, but hated to throw it out.

Iain contemplated dropping something on top of it, because he KNEW I’d want to take it home. He’s changed his mind about it, though, now that it is hanging in our cottage. After much searching for a lamp that would give us more light above the table (for the last year, at least), we had this one handed to us. Some things are just meant to be!
Lots of light over the table, now.
The light that was over the table was beautiful, but, alas, not bright enough. It is PERFECT, however, in the entryway.

I love this.

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