Thursday, 18 February 2016

Well Into The New Year

I go through spasms of blogging, it seems, and I’m not sure why that is, except perhaps that I get caught up in stuff going on in my life:  the beginnings, the endings, and all the toil and turmoil in between them. It’s a New Year, which means it’s winter, and that’s usually a time when I hunker down and read or play a video game.

I am reading the last Ken Follett book in the Century Series, which is mildly entertaining.  I’m also re-reading the last installment we’ve seen (and may ever see) of the A Game of Thrones series, and enjoying it almost as much as the first time through.  When I’m done these, I have a whole raft of books I have to attack, and I’m really looking forward to that.

The other occupation:  Hay Day, a ridiculously addictive app that keeps me endlessly amused, it would seem.  I don’t know whether to thank Karen for getting me into it, or to curse her!

There are serious things going on right now that I need to escape from, and which I don’t really want to talk about, which is why I’ve been avoiding blogging.  My Mom is nearing the end of her life with us, and though it’s hard to complain when she’s 98 and has lived a wonderful life, I’m still very sad.  She’s been there for me for over 60 years, and now I’ll have to learn to get by without her loving support and guidance.  I can’t say enough about how terrific a person she is, and how much we’ll all miss her. You know what’s the best thing about her?  She’s always, unfailingly, kind:  she hasn’t a hateful bone in her body, and I wish I were half the person she is.



natasha dubal said...

i share a very similar feeling with my mum! she has been my support system

Deb said...

Cherish your mum!

My sweet Mom went to be with the angels on February 19.