Monday, 5 July 2010

No, I didn't catch any fish.

Good weekend, all round. It started with a day off on Friday for me (Iain, alas, had to work). I had a lovely visit from Emma, Margaret, and mom Elizabeth, as they dropped in to check out Onyx's new digs.

Emma showed me the hand signals she and Wendy had been using in The Boarder's training, and demonstrated Onyx's ability to navigate a hoop in search of a treat. I was warned against allowing him to try to sneak around instead of going through the hoop! I fear I may not be as firm with him as I should, as part of his visit with the girls took place as he lounged on the dining room table. I am trying to let him be comfortable in the house as much as possible, but this will have to change.

I'm hoping they will drop in again sometime, as they are very polite and intelligent little girls!

As all the cats are getting along, we felt confident leaving them for the weekend (everyone was fine when we got back Sunday night). This was the weekend for the annual fishing derby at the cottage, and it was nice to have my sister Carolyn and our niece Janet visit with us! Janet has become quite the baker: check out this photo of the strawberry swirl cake she made! It was absolutely delicious!!

Iain puttered away at the shed, again, despite the heat. I tried to help, but melted quickly.

On Sunday morning, Dodie and Irene and I went birding. Didn't see too many, probably because it was already so warm by 9:00 a.m. I did get a nice pic of Joann's lily by the water.

Also, a couple of shots of Uncle Eddie's old truck, which hasn't moved in many a year.

I like the logo.

I don't think I will mind going to work today; at least there is air-conditioning!

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