Friday, 9 July 2010

A song in my heart

Earlier this summer, I was honoured to take part in a memorial service for a friend, and was introduced to two lovely songs in the process.

The first one was Robin Mark's "When It's All Been Said And Done", a Christian piece with a gorgeous tin whistle accompaniment.  Worth a listen, even if you aren't a believer.

The second was "There You'll Be" by Faith Hill, from the movie "Pearl Harbour" (yes, I know.....Pearl Harbour sucks).  Not my usual music choice, but very moving as a song of remembrance.  The recent passing of another friend brought it to mind:  "I'll keep a part of you with me, and eveywhere I am, there you'll be."

Looking forward to a fun weekend, visiting with friends and family and getting a little book time.  Have a good one!

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Holly Dean said...

Beautiful songs Deb, thank you for sharing :)