Monday, 12 July 2010

That was the weekend that was

Had a lovely night on Friday, visiting with friends, saying bye, for now, to Brent and Jenny as they headed off home again.  Our excellent hosts were David and Elaine, who provided a chance for everyone to get together, as well as fantastic food and drink. Thanks guys!

Late Friday night, we sped off to the cottage.  Saturday was a puttering day for us.  Iain is still working on the shed, and it was great to have Darryl put in the new electrical box and outlets.  By the time he left on Saturday afternoon, everything was working tickety-boo!

Nice for a change to not have to turn on the stove burner to get the porch light or the microwave to work. This really was happening for the last year, and I always expected the place to burn down!  As it happens, the main breaker for the cottage was partially fried, and when the stove was turned on it caused a surge of power, which arced at the breaker, and reestablished the connection.  At least, that's the theory.  Everything being replaced, now, that is no longer happening.

And what a gorgeous weekend!  Saturday night we stayed on the deck until ... well, I think it was 11:00 or so.  Lots of wine and food, and laughter.  Sunday I really got into "Under The Dome", which I am halfway through now.  Typical Stephen King, and I like it.

The heat was oppressive, but Iain still managed to do a lot of building.  By mid-afternoon the heat had taken all the spark out of me, but another dip in the lake got me going again.  We headed home late in the day.

No pictures this weekend; I just wasn't in a picture-taking mood.  I promise to be better next week!

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