Sunday, 5 September 2010

Cats on vacation

Jezebel, Onyx, and Stitches joined us at the cottage, and they had a pretty good time as well.

Jez was happy hanging around outside, threatening to catch the birds and chipmunks (and not succeeding).
Onyx found several curl-up spots to his liking, and since we didn't let him go outside, he contented himself with a bit of bird-watching out the kitchen window.
Just one of many cozy spots.
Stitches...well, she did what she usually does on vacation. Aside from a few rips around the cottage each morning, and the obigatory trips to the food dish and litter box, this was how she spent most of her days.  Yes, that lump is her.


Fe-lady said...

She likes to curl up under the covers...that is cute!
And Onyx looks so content...Wendy is smiling I am sure! :-)

Deb said...

Thanks, he really is doing well here. Hopefully when winter comes I'll have a little more blogging time and can post a few more pics of him.

We think of Wendy every day, missing her blog so much.