Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Last Weekend of August

I had meant to mention the very nice birthday day I had, thanks to Iain, who spoiled me!  It was the last beautiful cottage weekend, and we took full advantage by spending as much time on the deck as possible.  Not great swimming weather, as the week of cooler weather and rain had made the lake slightly uncomfortable (it was hot enought that I got in up to my knees, but that was it).  We went for a lovely boat ride and lazed about on Saturday, and then in the evening had a fantastic roast of beef that Iain cooked on the smoker.
Getting it ready.  It was absolutely perfect when cooked.

Getting the charcoal ready always takes a while; usually about one beer's worth of time.

And getting the charcoal out of the chimney can be tricky.

Dinner, gifts, drinks, and family (not everyone is in this pic, but
doesn't the food look delicious?).

And Dodie made a most excellent trifle.  I love trifle!


Larry said...

And Iain used to hassle me about my smoking!

Deb said...