Sunday, 13 March 2011

The Puzzle Box

Cats love to eat.  And eat.  Darn near anything.

Most particularly, Snaps - who is a rescued stray - loves to eat: as though he doesn't know where his next meal is coming from (he does know, of course, because he always comes running at the sound of the cupboard door being opened).  He has pretty much doubled his weight since we took him in, last fall.  My guess is that he weighs at least 15 lbs., now.  He is certainly not the svelte orange tom-in-need-of-fixing we allowed into the the laundry room to escape the rain.

He seems to have levelled off at this weight, finally comfortable that he has enough spare fat on his frame to see him through whatever befalls; but he is still hungrier by far than the rest of our furry horde.  Rather than just let him have an extra bowlof kibble, however, we have started to give the extra snack in the "puzzle box".

Jezebel loves it too, and will often leave the others noshing from their bowls, to sit by the box and fish out her snack on her own.  Onyx participates somewhat unwillingly, but takes part anyway (as he seems to feel he must be a part of every activity in the house, making sure the others KNOW he is in charge of the situation).  Stitches avoids the whole thing.


Brent Buckner said...

Perhaps I could have a puzzle box with french fries and curry sauce....

Deb said...

Messy, but fun!