Monday, 21 March 2011

Just cats being cats.

There seems to be nothing our cats enjoy so much as lolling around in the rec room.

Onyx looked so silly I had to get a picture.  This is right in front of the fireplace, his favourite spot on a cool evening.

We've tried to disuade Jezebel from sleeping here, but it is just too toasty warm for her to resist.


Jenny Davidson said...


(I was amused to come home from my trip and find that Mickey has chosen to settle regularly in what can only be described as a _very small_ box - like, really he is spilling over the edges of it - it definitely reminded me of Onyx and his ways!...)

Holly Dean said...

Ahh... cats just know how to relax. Great shots :)

Deb said...

They do like to relax! And they always seem to be in the cutest poses when I don't have a camera handy, so I was glad to get these two shots.

Anonymous said...

Onyx looks like my Jojo-
We call him "posing for GQ magazine" when he does the same.
So glad to see he is doing well and is fat and happy!