Sunday, 8 May 2011

Dear goodness, where did April go?

Well, it went to a few places:
Don't know why it uploads with all that space around it, but no matter. You can see it is a cute little thing.

  1. Cottage dreaming and prep:  We've decided it's time to build anew, so we have spent the last month working on preferred layouts and cottage styles.  The one we've decided to go with is small but efficient.  Iain has been very busy with contractors and I have mostly just played with diagrams.  It probably won't be built this year, but there is an outside chance it could happen if everything falls into place.  We'll have to gut the old cottage, but intend to keep it as a storage shed/workshop if we can.  Much more to come on this in future posts!
  2. Spring cleaning:  To be honest, this never gets done the way it should, but we did manage to clean the windows inside and out, and scrub the front siding and porch.  Much more to do, but when?
  3. Baking:  We just had our spring bake sale and yard sale at the church.  For that I made baked beans, and cookies:  shortbread, chocolate chip, skor/pecan, almond macaroons, oatmeal; and a couple dozen buns.  Also trucked down some stuff for the yard sale, and spent Saturday morning helping to run it.  If you think I baked a lot, it pales in comparison with the scores of pies and loaves made by Carolyn and Pastor Tom and Dodie.  Of course Bill contributed his famous date squares, and Marlene brought lovely "cookie pops" made by her and her kids, and Kim came in from Pembroke with Earl Grey tea shortbread paired with books - a nice little package, suitable for mother's day.  It was fun to do, and was nice to see everyone who dropped by, but I think the sale is becoming a bit much for me:  too few workers, so we have to do a lot of baking, rather than having everyone just bring a couple of things.  It may be my last one.
I have been stepping back a bit at church.  I'm no longer a deacon, which makes me very content; it was never a comfortable fit for me.  It was one of those situations where I answered the call to serve, but - how can I put this - I've always felt more comfortable in administrative roles than in managerial ones: does that help?  Anyway, I still have lots of things to do there, being involved in the audio/video end of things, and I'm still the church clerk.  But I'm looking forward to the summer, when I am away more than I am there....I need a break.

Today is Mothers Day, and we are having a pot luck at my mom's.  Afterward, we are heading to Ottawa to spend the day with Sheila and take her out to dinner.  So blessed to have our moms still!

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Holly Dean said...

I know what you mean... time really does fly and there is always more to do. I LOVE the cottage plan - it is wonderful:) Have a great day celebrating with your Mothers!