Tuesday, 3 January 2012

At the lake

We had so much fun visiting with Carl and Irene at their cottage, at New Year's eve-eve, eve, and day.   They are wonderful hosts!  Even so, we are dreaming about staying at our own cottage next year.  We haven't been able to stay at the old place for the last 6 years:  ever since the oil stove came out.  It's not got a lot of insulation, and the wood range just can't kick out enough heat to warm it up.

This probably won't be a problem at the new place.  We stopped in for a look at the drywall on Friday afternoon, and were surprised to notice that the snow we tracked inside melted pretty quickly, despite there being no heat on for the previous week, and the weather being pretty cold.

Iain checking out the lovely thick insulation in the ceiling.
Once the drywall has been mudded, the builders will probably do the wood ceiling that extends through the living room, dining room and kitchen.  You can see the nice pine all stacked up in this next picture.
Mmmmm ... pine!
I made sure to get a picture of the front this time, showing the chimney, the angled windows in the living room, and the cute light outside the front doors!

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