Wednesday, 25 January 2012

January slips away...

It has been a warm month, aside from a few cold days where the temperature dipped to -27 at night and the daytime high was -12.  Still, we have a had nice weather overall.

Iain has taken advantage of the good days to get some hydro to the new cottage, so the contractor can start mudding the drywall.  Not much has happened there this month, but they're getting close to the end of the job:  just the mudding and wood ceiling to do, and some odds and ends.  We're thinking of paint colours (though it won't be exciting, we're into cream-coloured walls).

After the rush of Christmas, it's nice to relax a bit, and have weekends where I get to do some puttering about.  Back into a schedule now, I've started working out with an exercise program on the PS3, EA Sports Active 2.  So nice to get back into working out:  I really have let myself go over the last year.  This is perfect for me, because I can exercise at home, early in the morning, when I like to do it.

The Kobo is getting a workout:  I read Stephen King's Mile 81 (pretty good, typical King; I would have enjoyed a longer story), and am now reading George Martin's A Game of Thrones; it's an easy read, and I love the imagery in it.

I finally finshed The Cat's Table, too, which I had in hard cover.  It was pretty good, but Ondaatje always leaves me kinda cold; I just don't find his books satisfying.

We've had some visitors to our feeder, most notable among them this Downy Woodpecker!

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