Wednesday, 15 February 2012

A Goodbye

Mom's oldest sister, dear Aunt Margaret, passed away last night.  She had just celebrated her 99th birthday on Sunday.

I think the secret of her longevity, if there was one, was in living well and simply.  She was straightforward, down-to-earth and loving.  Her children and their families will miss her immensely. 

Those of us in her extended family remember her with fondness.  Some people are dragged into nursing homes, kicking and screaming, but Aunt Margaret found pleasure in spending time with others and she moved into the Bonnechere Manor quite happily.  She liked to take part in the crafts they offered, even before she moved in, and I recall being amazed at the talent she showed, the first time I saw hand-painted notecards she'd made; I'd had no idea she was so gifted. 

Katrina, Wanda and Janet still like to talk about the time Aunt Margaret came to the office where we work, for an eye exam.  (It was a few years ago, while I was away on summer holiday, but I've heard this numerous times.)  The front door must have been left open a crack, and a garter snake found his way in.  Katrina made the effort to be brave, but didn't want to tackle the snake herself.  Janet and Wanda were up on their desks, scared to be on the same level as the snake.  Aunt Margaret came to the desk and offered, "Give me a glove to wear, and I'll catch it for you!"  A woman in her nineties put them all to shame; they didn't take her up on her offer, but I've no doubt she would have done it!

A wonderful lady; she will be missed.


Jenny Davidson said...

Condolences - it is a very nice portrait...

Michael said...

Very sorry for your loss. It seems that she had a wonderful spirit :)

Deb said...

Thanks guys.