Saturday, 18 February 2012

Just odds and ends being done at the cottage right now.

Last weekend Iain and I both went up on Saturday.  Installing plugs, switches and checking the breaker circuits was time consuming, and Iain went back on Sunday to tackle more of it on his own.
I helped as best I could, but am more comfortable having him do the wiring of the plugs etc.  My part was stuffing the plug or switch into the box, screwing it in place and applying the face plate.
Before we left, Iain took a reading off the meter.  Hopefully Ont.Hydro will accept the reading, as we have been using space heaters and we need to start paying for some of that power; I'm worried about getting a huge bill when they get around to reading it in the spring.
Today, we marvelled at how the mild weather has brought the dirt road into view!  I can't recall ever seeing so much melt in February.

Today we met with Susan, our kitchen designer at Home Hardware in the Bay; just trying to finalize things, and we're not quite there yet.  Gotta wrap it up soon, so we can get the cabinets on order.  After a quick bite to eat at Vito's, and a brief stop in Combermere, we went back to the cottage.  We have one circuit that is giving us grief:  it has a hard short, and we're having trouble tracking it down.  I can report that the heaters are all wired in and working perfectly, however:  Iain took a day off work on Friday to install them.  I couldn't get the day off, and I would have liked to go to my Aunt's funeral in any case (I was glad to attend the wake on Thursday evening, and pay my respects).

We probably won't do more this weekend; Iain has been working hard on it, and deserves a rest.


Michael said...

I just love the you're doing so much of the work yourselves! A home to really take pride in when it's all done!

Deb said...

Thanks Michael! It saves some money, too ;)