Thursday, 2 February 2012

Water, water everywhere

Last weekend's trip to the cottage revealed several things:
  1. Nothing adds humidity to a place like mudding the drywall, and
  2. All efforts to remove said humidity by use of paper towels will be for naught (though one feels useful in the attempt).
We had lots of work to do, so Iain was a bit nonplussed at my picture-taking.  In this shot, he is just about to move out of the way because he thinks I'm trying to get a picture of something behind him.  I'm really taking his picture, though.

 Look at this ceiling! We love it.

The peaked ceiling is as nice as we'd hoped.

This may not look like much, but you see that grey conduit in the middle?  It was a son of a gun to get together.  We were glad to be finished with it.

I'm not sure what Iain is working on, here.  It didn't seem like we accomplished too much, but the time went quickly.

 It snowed while we were there.  Some of the local lads were out at the fish shack; had a fire going and the tip-ups set.

The driving home wasn't very nice, because of all the snow.  Next weekend's tour should be better; almost no snow in the forecast.

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Michael said...

it is coming along BEAUTIFULLY... especially that ceiling! very very nice!