Tuesday, 17 April 2012

The Last Big Push

We had to book an extra day off work to devote to finishing off work on the cottage: our most urgent work, at least, for there is lots left to do. Installation of trim, plumbing of the bathroom and kitchen, kitchen cupboards, closet and room doors: these things can be done once we have finished painting and have the floors installed.
On Friday morning, we had a pair of Canada Geese paddling nearby.  We don't have them as visitors for long, when they do appear.

Once again we were blessed with beautiful weather! It was appreciated on Friday, when we finished varnishing the doors, and were able to have the windows open to air out the place.

Three coats is ENOUGH!!!
When the cement slab was laid, my cousin Hope (first-cousin-twice-removed) placed a penny into it.  I'd thought it was out of sight, under the wall, but found it when I was cleaning up before laying the wood floor.
Hope's penny.

Dodie and Myles kept us fed and entertained in our off-work hours, and we enlisted their help for the big job of installing the click hardwood flooring. I'm not sure what we would have done without Myles' assistance, as we were complete neophytes.

Early Saturday morning, we were up early and at it.  Starting was a bit slow, as there is a bit of planning involved, but Iain and Myles got into the flow in no time.
It snaps together quite nicely!

Myles gives pointers and pitches in.

All of us worked on the floor during the two days it took to install it.
Iain had to do the fine cutting, using the table saw and jigsaw.  Myles ran the chopsaw.  Dodie and I enjoyed laying the wood; it's rather like putting together a vast jigsaw puzzle.  All of us had a hand in laying down the boards.
Iain measuring for a finicky cut.

The underlay had to be cut, laid and taped, before the wood could go over top.
When we stopped for brunch on Sunday, we were mostly finished.  The day was gorgeous, so we ate on Dodie and Myles' deck.

We got back at it, after eating, and were finished by 2:30.
Mom's room, ready for trim and then...FURNITURE!
Iain and I did a pick-up of all our stuff, so there would be room to move for the guys coming in this week.  I doubt the floor will ever look so nice and clean again!

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