Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Some floor coverings.

We took a quick spin to the lake after church on Sunday, to check out the new floor tile!  It looks great.  Chris Lorbetskie did the installation, and we're very pleased with his work.

Looks happy, doesn't he?
We had moved the wood stove out of the way, so that had to be dragged back into it's rightful spot and reattached to the chimney.

Now that the bathroom floor is finished, all that remains is to install the trim and fixtures.  We still haven't decided on a vanity light, but there is a light in the ceiling fan, so we won't be in the dark.
A happy addition to this room is the wall heater we picked up at Home Depot, on the right.  You can use a timer to give quick heat for a set amount of time, or just set it to come on whenever the room gets chilly.

We also opted for a small tiled area in front of the patio doors - we figure there will be wet feet stopping there!


CJ&I said...

Wow! The flooring looks great. We love it. The place is really shaping up...everything still on schedule?

Carl and Irene

Deb said...

So far, so good! This last weekend was pretty busy, and next weekend is shaping up to be the same. I'll update today or tomorrow.
When are you guys coming up? We miss you!