Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Finally, most of the work is done!

Okay, here it is - ta da! The kitchen is finished, and so is the whole cottage, and we are, well, more than a bit happy, that's the truth.  And we're ready to enjoy ourselves a bit.

Here we are in the kitchen.  Do we look happy?  We are!
Iain made sure I took these pics before we moved in our sad old Harvest Gold appliances.  They're 40 years old, but hey - they still work; and buying new appliances is not on our horizon just now.

You can see we left room for a dishwasher on the left.  Can't afford one right now, but, thankfully, we have my Mom, who is pretty happy to get her arms into the sink.
Moving in furniture took no time at all, with Dodie and Myles helping us.  Iain loves this spot on the couch.

After getting the major stuff moved (table, chairs, and appliances), it was martini time!  Iain sets up the bar.

Dod took this shot of us getting ready to have our first sit-down meal at the table.  We're so blessed and grateful!

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