Sunday, 27 May 2012

A Day Chez 106

Spent a fun day at Iain's Mom's place on Saturday, just puttering in the garden and doing a bit of shopping.  Sheila has several nice Hostas among her plants.
I needed to photograph this one, with its huge, huge leaves!  I forgot my camera at home, so of necessity these shots were taken with my phone:  2 megapixels doesn't do it justice, I fear. 
Sheila's back yard is a quiet, lovely spot:  just the place to sit and have a nice beer after pulling a few weeds and putting down some soil and fertilizer, among other little jobs.  The new patio set was very comfortable!
Very nice!

I had fun pulling out the windchimes and bird feeders and finding places to hang them.  I don't know if Mom really wanted them all out, but she was very indulgent and let me do whatever I liked.
Yummy sandwiches for lunch!
We did a tour of Lee Valley to find a new wheelbarrow (and ran into Jessica A. while we were there; apparently she was in need of a set of pruning shears to tidy some things at her new house, and what better place to find them!), and went elsewhere to pick up a few plants for the vegetable garden.  Afterwards, Mom bought some steaks for us to barbeque, and Kyle joined us for dinner.  What a great day!

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