Tuesday, 15 May 2012

The weekend that was

We have some new arrivals at the lake: the pair of geese that decided to stay have three little goslings.  The family hangs out on the road at Mud Lake (as we call it), probably trying to keep the little ones away from turtles.  This means that every time you drive past, they are there - which also means lots of photo opportunities.
How cute is this?

This weekend was my Mom's first at the new cottage, and she approves of it.  I like the fact that there is lots of room for her walker (at the old cottage we had to leave it at the back door and use it outside only).  It was wonderful having her up; she said it was the best weekend she'd had in a long time.
Relaxing before dinner.

Construction/destruction continues:  Iain removed the old pump platform (left over from the boathouse-cum-machine-shed, now on Dodie's property).  It certainly improves the view from the gazebo!
Iain found about six huge dock spiders every time he removed a board.
The platform became, at Dodie's wise suggestion, a temporary entrance-way step for the cottage.

Iain had to take off work on Friday to finish up some electrical stuff and have the building inspector and hydro inspector both in for their approval:  and they gave it!  Which means we have officially passed all inspections (and the well water tested completely safe, also)!  This takes a big burden off, because Iain ended up doing a lot of the electrical work himself, and he was worried that he'd miss something; but all was well.

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