Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Anniversary Weekend

We have a tradition of spending a few days away, for our anniversary each year.  In the past we travelled around southern Ontario, usually, and for our 20th we went to Chateau Montebello (which was lovely).  For quite a while now we have just gone to the lake; it's cheaper and we love it there.  There's lots to do, of course, but we managed to have some fun as well.  Most of the time it was chilly and damp, but a wood fire took the chill off quickly.

On Friday, Iain started working on spreading soil and seed next to the cottage, again.  He'd begun last week, but the seed was old, so we had to use fresh stuff.  By Tuesday, when we left, he had this whole area covered with sifted soil and seed.
Really hoping this will grow grass, and the sooner the better:  cleaning up the tracked-in sand is a constant chore.
We've been trying to figure out what to do about tv reception.  Since CBOT went digital, we haven't had any CBC at the cottage.  Not that we watch much tv, but it's nice to be able to tune in a hockey game or the news. We'd expected to have to purchase a UHF antenna to tune in channel 59 from Barry's Bay, but after checking out the TVFool website's chart for our cottage, Iain made the brilliant observation that we should be able to pick up the channel 3 CBC station to the north of us in Whitney (South Algonquin).  He'd picked up a signal booster and we ran the cable up from the old place and used that to help strengthen the signal; and he had to climb up on the old place's roof and use a plumber's wrench to turn the antenna north.  He did this in the rain, while I fretted.
The antenna with the new, improved orientation.
We gave it a try, and voila!  Channels 2, 3 and 5 (Global, CBC and CTV2) all coming in just fine.  We buried the cable and Iain drilled a hole through the nice new siding (it was a painful moment) to bring it into the cottage.  All in all, a rewarding day!
Saturday, we decided to go yard saleing with Dod and Myles.  There was a heavy wind on Friday night, and we didn't go far before we were stopped by a fallen tree.

Iain preparing to move the tree:  nothing must keep us from those yard sales!
Iain and Myles hopped out and dragged it away.
Myles didn't get very dirty doing this, but Iain was muddied.
We saw several snapping turtles laying eggs alonside the road.
Approach with caution...they can be crabby!
...and the deer were out, too!
There was a younger one here, too, but I couldn't get a pic.
We didn't buy a lot, but did stop at Susie's Sweet Shop (run by my cousin Susan Gienow).  We had some of her famous Rice Pudding for dinner that night, as well as some buns and an excellent Rhubarb Custard Pie!
When we started to move things over to the new cottage, I couldn't think where I would put spices.  I'd always kept them in a nice rack that Rod (Iain's dad) made, but there isn't a lot of wall space here, the kitchen being quite compact.  Iain had the bright idea to put magnets on the rack and hang it on the refrigerator!  And it works very well there.

Very handy to have them here, too.  My husband is so clever!
Lots of puttering around to do.
Iain doing some caulking.
Because we didn't make the kitchen too large, we also need more cupboard space for dishes.  Also, I like the old cupboards and want to make use of them.  I did some scrubbing and sanding to prep them.
Can't wait to get this painted and moved in.
Under the stick-on shelf paper, I made a discovery that made me a bit weepy.  My Dad's been gone almost 27 years, but the old cottage is redolent with memories of him.
Dad was a typical carpenter: always in possession of a pencil, but rarely paper.  Easy to jot down the measurements on a shelf that will be covered anyway.

I'll be painting the little cupboard too, and it'll go over as well.

Not sure if this will hold glassware, or books, or maybe dvds.
We were glad to see a bunny on the lawn; we haven't seen many this year!
Why are little bunnies so cute?
And little puppies are adorable too.  Joann brought over the new addition to her family, Kallie, for a visit.  What a cutie-pie!
Jo holding little Kallie.
Tuesday was a gorgeous day - hated to come home - but we had a nice weekend.


Michael said...


Brent Buckner said...

Glad you had a nice anniversary weekend!

Deb said...

Michael, I agree: Iain is brilliant!

Brent, we wish we'd been able to see you in Ottawa; next time for sure!