Monday, 23 July 2012

Hot and bothered. Not in a good way.

We've been puttering about for the last two weekends, Iain on his paths and I on the little cupboard (one coat of paint before I got lazy); and I got the shelves rearranged in the kitchen (much happier with that).

Iain tamping the driveway.
My mom has been enjoying the beautiful weather.  We'd hoped to have Iain's mom up this last weekend, with the whole family, but things didn't work out that way.  Sheila has been ill for over a week, and finally she was admitted to hospital on Thursday.  She is fighting pneumonia, which the antibiotics seems to be beating, but the doctors can't find the cause of it.  She has also had trouble sleeping and has some mental disturbances which probably all have the same cause.  We're praying they get to the bottom of things, soon, and that she'll be on the mend quickly.  Craig and Karen popped up for the weekend to see her, and Iain got to visit with them and Kyle at her bedside.  I wish I could have been there, too.
My mom, relaxing on the deck.
This hot, dry weather is causing problems throughout the Ottawa Valley.  This was our view on the way to the cottage on Friday night, taken from the top of Foymount:  smoke from the fire at Base Petawawa, close to Algonquin Park.

No one knows yet what sparked this fire, but conditions are tinder-box dry throughout most of the area.  They got a little rain in Pembroke yesterday, but without a good drenching it will be very difficult to quench this fire.

POST-SCRIPT:  Sheila is out of hospital and doing fine!  That nasty infection was totally defeated by really powerful anti-biotics.  Don't let anyone tell you our "socialized" medicine is no good!

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