Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Happy Canada Day weekend!

What a gorgeous weekend! We could use some rain, though, as the grass isn't growing as quickly as Iain and I hoped.

The gravel we ordered was delivered this week, and Iain started working on the paths.  By the end of the weekend they were really taking shape, and his arms were ready to fall off.  You see, the method involved is: a) shovel fill into trailer or wheelbarrow; b) distribute onto pathway; c) tamp down with 10x10 stamper; d) spray with water to settle gravel; e) lay garden fabric; f) repeat above with crushed stone.  Hard work, but the paths are so smooth - a big improvement!

This picture doesn't do the path justice.  I'll get more next weekend.
The big cabinet was moved in on Saturday morning, and Mom and I spent the day filling it up.  I carted over dishes from the old place and she washed and dried them so I could put them away. 

If you look closely, you'll see the cabinet has a rustic look that wasn't expected:  the doors wouldn't close after I painted them, so I had to sand them down quite a bit.  I should have expected that!
Saturday was the fishing derby, and we had a great pot luck supper; then Iain cooked a huge batch of ribs for Sunday night. They were wonderful!

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