Saturday, 26 November 2011

The building is going up!

November 1, and building is beginning! Dan and his help show up bright and early (long before this first photo is taken, but that's when the camera has enough light to work).
They get to work right away, setting up a workstation and discussing their work.

In no time at all, the east wall is up!

The second wall is up by day's end.

Day two, and the south facing wall is up by 9:33 a.m.!  Two of the windows are incorrect, but Myles snapped some photos when he was up, working on his shed project, and we were able to get Dan to change them the next day.

Mid-day, and the last wall has been raised already.

By the end of day two, the interior walls are going up.

Day three:  Dan has changed the window in the living room to the large one we had requested, and also the one in the dining room.  Here, the chipboard is starting to go on.

Styrofoam insulation for the exterior; we intend to be warm, in this building!

Applying the strapping.

And the peak above the front living room window is up!

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