Wednesday, 9 November 2011

The second week of September, wherein not a whole lot happens

...but we have pictures of it!

The cement was covered for almost a week, as it cured.  I was amazed by the amount of heat it gave off the first day or two.  At first, it was almost too warm for you to comfortably lay your hand on it for any length of time.
All covered up, wet and warm.
Neighbours watered it when we weren't there, and then Mother Nature took over and kept it damp for a few days more.
Not quite a week later, it was time for the forms to be removed.

We picked up the tarps and disassembled them.
And then, nothing happened for a while.  Iain pieced together some conduit for the hydro feed, but there was nothing more to do with it right away. 
My funny cousins decided to liven things up a bit!
Finally, on the 23rd, Ralph came back with the backhoe and did more digging.  This was to expose the foundation sides so we could apply styrofoam.  This is to keep the frost from getting under the foundation and freezing our toesies when it gets cold (at least, I think that's what it's for).


Brent Buckner said...


on the story of how curing requirements impacted Hoover Dam construction.


Deb said...

I never knew they used refrigeration to cool it! Wow!