Sunday, 4 March 2012

Weekend at the lake

It is so nice to visit Irene and Carl at their cottage: toasty warm, delicious meals, comfy bed and, best of all, pleasant, fun company. We always bring little but snacks and drinks, and the snacks are hardly touched, since there is so much food already available.

Here is the gang waiting patiently for breakfast: pancakes and sausages on Saturday morning. Yummy!
After breakfast Iain and I went back to the cottage to paint (we had started in the morning).  By early afternoon we had decided to knock off for the day, but we made good of our time:  when we finished on Sunday we had painted the utility room, bathroom, both bedrooms and two closets, including ceilings.
So far, the painting has gone well.  Nice to do when there is no flooring to worry about.
The weather turned nasty on Saturday afternoon.  The wind whipped up whirlwinds on the lake, and the windchill was unpleasantly frosty.  Walking into the wind was not fun.
Theo, who is Bob and Helene's dog, was limping through the yard in the wind and snow.  Poor old boy: he finds it hard to get around, now, but he likes to make his tour anyway.
I got out my portable weather station and clocked the wind at 43 kph; it gusted higher, I'm sure.
All the trees - in fact, every upright surface that stood still - wore what Myles called "skunk stripes", thanks to the horizontal snow.
So we stayed inside, did a puzzle, enjoyed a few drinks, and played some charades.  After a great night's sleep, another excellent breakfast (scrambled eggs and bacon), and more painting, we headed home.
There were two of these lovely deer, but one was a little shy and I didn't get her picture.  This one regarded us quite cooly, before flipping up her tail and leaping away.  Isn't she beautiful?

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