Thursday, 15 March 2012

A Good Weekend of Painting

Last weekend we headed to the cottage on Saturday morning, determined to get painting again. When we'd visited with Carl and Irene, we had been able to put primer on the utility room, bedrooms, bathroom and one closet, so our plan for this weekend was to attack the living area.

It snowed a bit in Renfrew, but we weren't expecting what we found when we got to the cottage road:  6 inches of fresh snow, and not yet plowed!  I was a bit nervous about driving through it, but Iain understands what the truck can do with its four-wheel drive, and knows how to use it.  We sailed through easily.
On the way in we met someone coming out, so the path was broken for us!
We got into painting right away, taping off the ceiling to protect the wood, and throwing on a coat of primer.  The work went very quickly.  We painted for six hours, stopping for a quick lunch, and managed to prime the entire living area, plus get one coat of colour on the stove wall, and one coat of ceiling paint on the utility room and mom's bedroom.
Iain cutting an edge.
After that much work, it was nice to change into comfies and have a martini!  I was glad we brought the poang chairs to relax in.  We were happy to put our feet up!
Iain with a wee 'tini.
Most of the place is pretty messy, still.  We really concentrated on doing the wall behind the woodstove, so we can use it next time we are up.  The electric heaters have been a godsend.
You can see we wrapped the wood stove so it wouldn't get paint splatters.  Don't the walls look nice with some paint on them?  We went with a very light colour called "Start Fresh"; it has just a touch of warm orange in it - goes nicely with the wood and keeps everything bright.
We sat watching the sun fade behind clouds, and had a bite of dinner (stew).  Then a movie on the laptop was our evening's entertainment.
A quiet evening, feet up:  wonderful!
We slept on the cement floor:  camp pads, foam, duvet, and sleeping bags, and a comfy blanket over top.  We were both a bit restless, though - it was like camping, but only if you made your tent on a rock.
A little coffee gets us moving!
Sleeping on a cement pad does not lead one to linger in bed.  We were up bright and early, sipping our coffee and watching the sun hit the frosted trees.
It's really hard to capture the sun glinting off the frost.  It looked so lovely, I had to try.
We got right back at it, and got a second coat of paint on the stove wall, then a first coat on the rest of the living area.  After that we packed up and headed home.  Tired!


Jenny Davidson said...

This has been an amazing project - it is very cool to watch you enter the final stages!

Deb said...

Thanks Jenny, it has been an experience!