Thursday, 29 March 2012

....And more painting.....

We're getting there!  We had just one bedroom left to paint this weekend, and that was done on Saturday.

Iain cutting in the bedroom.

That means that the next step is to paint all the trim.  Trim isn't difficult to paint, but it is both time-consuming and space-hogging.  We set up a system of both working on the same piece, and setting each aside to dry as we painted them.   By end of day Saturday, we had about half of the trim done.
Sunday morning, before taking all the painted trim off the ladders where we'd left much of it to dry.
On Sunday, Dodie helped me paint (an interesting choice for her birthday) while Myles helped Iain with the conduit in the trench.  We packed it in at around 1:00, and there is more trim to be painted next time!  The ice is mostly off the lake, so water is easily accessible.  I am really looking forward to running water in the cottage, however.

That's all for now!

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