Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The painting continues....

This last weekend we went to the cottage on Friday night, so we'd be able to start working bright and early on Saturday.   Sleeping on the floor for two nights was made much easier by the purchase of a 3" thick pad of memory foam!

On Saturday we did make an early start, but it was quite hazy outside.  That didn't stop us from getting into the painting as soon as we had a coffee in us.
By afternoon, we had finished the entire living/dining/kitchen area's second coat.
We had a visit from Chris Lorbetskie, who will be doing our ceramic tile.  Here, he is working out some figures while Iain puts the finishing coat on the linen closet.

The sun came out in the afternoon, and it was beautifully warm!

This is the new hydro post, installed by James Welk's company.  So nice to have the hydro in, and that work (almost) completed.
After getting a coat of paint on the walls in the utility room, bathroom and mom's bedroom, we decided we'd done enough painting for one day.

Iain fired up the grill and que'd up a couple of wonderful steaks.  So long since I'd had a nice steak, and they were delicious!
There was time to do a few things after dinner, too.  The paint was nice and dry, so we put some of the plug and switch plates on.

A trench has been dug for the well line, that will have conduit laid for the line to pass through.  With the heavy rain last week, and the snowmelt, the trench was full of water, so Iain dug a little canal to allow it to drain off.

Just a young lad playing in the mud...
When the sun started to set, we sipped our martinis and watched a video on the laptop before heading off to bed.  It was a good day!

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Holly Dean said...

Sounds like a perfect day! Your cottage is really coming along and it is beautiful :)