Thursday, 8 December 2011

Ice Storm at Foymount

Last weekend, we took a spin up to the cottage again to do a few things. We didn't expect what we saw at Foymount: the huge rainstorm that had passed through the area last weekend, and kept our sump pump at home running busily all evening, deposited a heavy layer of ice on the Foymount area. Beautiful though the trees were, glistening in the sunlight, many of them couldn't stand the strain of the weight, and had broken or uprooted.
Just down the road from Foymount, toward our cottage.  The ice eventually faded to just snowfall, so we had no damage at the lake.

Just west of Foymount.
These next shots were taken on the Opeongo road, just east of Foymount.

I managed to get myself into the picture!

I like this picture a lot.

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