Sunday, 11 December 2011

Last weekend, Iain and I got to the cottage one more time: Iain wanted to bury the phone wire before the ground froze, and I wanted a look at the new stove.

Dan already had a lot of the insulation installed; he was to finish it this week.

Iain and I have just arrived to check it out.

Rather clever, to hold the insulation in place with strips of the plastic bags it arrives in, until the vapour barrier can be applied.
The digging was hard work, as he had to go across Eldon's driveway to bury the cable.  That soil was packed hard from the traffic over it all summer.
Pickaxes do come in handy at times!
I puttered about in the cottage, making a wee fire in the stove (we need to make a few small ones to cure the bricks) and putting some vapour barrier around a light switch.
I like this stove!  It's exciting!
Iain did a little cleanup on some wiring and then we were off again.  He plans to head up again in another week or so to do some more odds and ends.

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